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Cafe Brulot

Author/Submitted by:
Servings: 6
Categories: Alcoholic Beverages / Brandy / Coffee / Liqueur

1  tablespoon  Brown sugar
1    Cinnamon stick
5    Whole cloves
1    Lemon rind, thinly slivered
1    Orange rind, thinly slivered
2    Thin slices lemon
1    Thin slice orange
1/2  cup  Orange-flavored liquer
1/4  cup  Brandy
3  cups  Louisiana coffee w/chicory
    Lemon rind curls
    Orange rind curls

1. Combine sugar, cinnamon, cloves and citurs rinds in a chafing dish or medium skillet; heat until sugar begins to dissolve.

2. Add citrus slices, liquer and brandy; heat.

3. Half fill a metal ladle with some of the hot liquid and carefully ignite.

4. Add to mixture in pan to ignite, ladling to distribute flavors.

5. When flame dies, add coffee; heat.

6. Serve in demitasse cups; garnish with curls of lemon and orange rind if desired.

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