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Catalina Citrus Sun Tea

Author/Submitted by:
Servings: 4
Categories: Non-Alcoholic Beverages

4  To 5 Tbsp.  Black Tea, (9 to 12 bags)
4  Cups  Cold Water
3  Tablespoons  Granulated Sugar
6  Inches  Mint Sprigs
2  Cups  Fresh Orange Juice
    Juice Of 1 Lemon
1    Orange, * see note
1    Orange, ** see note
    Mint Leaves, for garnish

* peeled and seeded(with membrane removed) cut into thin pieces ** in half moon slices for garnish 1. In a glass jar, combine the tea, water, sugar and mint sprig. Screw on the cap and shake gently. Place the jar in a warm, sunny location for 3 hours. 2. Blend the orange juice and lemon juice into the tea mixture. Strain the mixture through a sieve, and add the orange pieces. Refrigerate for several hours before serving, with orange slices and mint leaves for garnish. Makes 4 servings. Variations 1. For thirst-quenching Early Mint Sun Tea, use 2 rounded tablespoons Earl Grey tea, and a sprig of mint, and omit the orange and lemon juice. Chill after straining the loose tea and mint. 2. To make a Raspberry Fizz, fill a glass 1/3 to 1/2 full of Catalina Citrus Sun Tea, and top with your favorite sparkling water, flavored with either raspberry essence or raspberry juice. Garnish with skewers of fresh raspberry and mint. 3. To make a Hollywood Spritzer, place 1 tablespoon of Cointreau in the bottom of a chilled glass. Fill the glass half-full of chilled Catalina Citrus Sun Tea, and top with an inexpensive champagne. Garnish with a strawberry. NOTES: from The Tea Book, Chronicle Books Copyright © 1993 by Sara Perry and Judith Ann Rose Photography Copyright © 1993 by Edward Gowans Here's a quick way to brew tea, whether it's on the sunny beaches of California's Catalina Island or on a sunny windowsill. The addition of fresh orange and lemon juice makes this a refreshing summertime drink.

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