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Servings: 16
Categories: Alcoholic Beverages / New / Rum

2    coconuts, ripe
2  cups  white Puerto Rican rum
14  ounces  condensed milk, sweetened, undiluted
    ground nutmeg
4    egg yolks

1. Crack coconuts. Separate the meat from the shell and remove brown skin. (To separate coconut meat from the shell, break coconut in large pieces and heat in preheated oven to 350F., about 5 to 10 minutes.) Wash, drain, and grate the meat.

2. In an electric blender, pour 1 cup of the rum and add about 1/3 of the grated coconut meat. Crush thoroughly at high speed. Strain and squeeze through a sieve and cheese cloth.

3. Pour the strained liquid back into the blender, add 1/3 grated coconut meat and repeat.

4. Pour liquid again in blender, add balance of grated coconut meat and repeat. Strain and measure 2 cups

5. Pour liquid back into blender, add yolks, and mix.

6. Add condensed milk and mix well.

7. In a large bowl, mix the liquid thoroughly with 1 cup of rum.

8. Bottle and store in refrigerator. Remove from refrigerator 1/2 hour before serving. Shake bottle well, pour into punch cups and sprinkle the top with nutmeg.

This is the Puerto Rican or tropical version of eggnog. Coquito. It may seem like a lot of work, but the end results are worth it!

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