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Eva's Black Dragon Mead

Author/Submitted by: Eva Sines-970301
Servings: 1
Categories: Alcoholic Beverages / Brewing / Mead

1 1/2  Lb  Orange Blossom Honey
7 1/2  Lb  Clover Honey
6  Cans  Welche's Pure Grape Juice, (12 Oz) Thawed
1 1/2  Tsp  Gypsym
2  Oz  Ginger Root, Grated
3  Tbsp  Lemon Juice
1/4  Tsp  Cloves, Ground
5  Bags  Oolong Tea (Dynasty Brand)
5  Tsp  Yeast Nutrient
1  Tsp  Irish Moss
    To Secondary:
3  Cans  Welches' Pure Grape Concentrate, (12 Oz)
    WYEAST #3184 Sweet Mead

I boiled 1.5 gallons of Filtered Water with the gypsym. I added the Ginger root and tea leaves from the bags and boiled for ten minutes. Next I added the honeys, grape juice, lemon juice, cloves, and irish moss. I held just below a boil for 30 min, Stirring occasionally and skiming off the scum as it formed. Sparge into 6.5 gal carboy and add water to make 5 gallons. Leave 7-14 or unitl bubbler slows to every 30 seconds. Siphon into secondary and add additional cans of juice. I waited another two weeks before bottling. Began to share two weeks after bottling. I will never know how good it can be because it was in such demand that it was gone as of 9705113

Next time I will add one more lb. of Orange Blossom Honey. Will carbonate over time

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