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Flaming Dr. Pepper

Author/Submitted by: Scroaty []
Servings: 1
Categories: Alcoholic Beverages / Amaretto / Beer / Rum

1    Crappy Macrobrew Beer
1/2  shot  Amaretto
1/2  shot  151 Rum

Fill a beer mug about half way with a crappy macrobrew beer and set that aside, not to far because you will need to be able to grab it quickly. Take a shot glass and fill it half way with amaretto. Get some 151. Tip the shot glass carefully and pour the 151 on top of the amaretto, do this carefully so as not to mix the amaretto and 151. After this is done light the 151 on fire and drop it into the glass of beer. After about a second the beer will start to fizz, grab it and guzzle it drinking as much of the head as you can get. If you did it right it will taste just like Dr. Pepper.

This one includes fire, so BE CAREFUL!!!

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