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Grandma Ruth's Original Mint Juleps

Author/Submitted by: Copyright 1995, Charles C. LeBlanc
Servings: 1
Categories: Alcoholic Beverages / Bourbon / Whisky

750  milliliters  Bourbon
1  bunch  Fresh mint
1  box  Confectioner's sugar
8    Tall JACK DANIELS BLACK LABEL Cooler glasses, 12 ounce size

1. Crack the ice in a bag or pillowcase to the consistency of fine pea-gravel. Keep it cold and dry while you create these drinks.

2. Put a small sprig of mint (about 3 leaves) and one tsp of sugar in the bottom of the cooler glass. Put in a handful of cracked ice (about 1 in thick layer).

3. Repeat this layer process until the glass is full and immediately put it in the freezer.

4. Fill all 8 of the glasses with the ice/mint mixture and freeze them.

5. When ready to serve, fill the glass with bourbon, add a sprig of mint to top for garnish and serve with a long Ice-Tea spoon. The drink requires that the person served muddle the drink constantly until the sugar and mint start to dissolve. Continue to muddle the julep as you sip it and enjoy the shade of the pecan tree, and rest from the Louisiana Sun in the chaise lounge. If you find these to be as good as I do, and make the mistake of trying a second one, get up from the chaise lounge VERY SLOWLY.

(NEED A CANVAS BAG OR PILLOWCASE AND A MALLET OR FOOD TENDERIZER, A LARGE PECAN TREE AND A CHAISE LOUNGE) This is the only recipe of Grandma Ruth's that I saved in memory. It makes the most divine Mint Juleps, but be careful, there is really a lot of bourbon in these things. She insisted that the ice be cracked to a fine crush in a bag to keep it from forming into a lump in the glass. Ice from a crusher or shaving machine will be too wet for this recipe.

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