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Grandma's Hot Buttered Rum

Author/Submitted by: Kathy Pitts (02-02-96), Gail Shipp (11-07-96)
Servings: 4
Categories: Alcoholic Beverages / Rum

2  fingers  Strong rum
2  tablespoons  Dark brown sugar
1  tablespoon  Real butter
3  shakes  Cinnamon
2  shakes  Nutmeg

1. In a large heatproof mug, place about 2 fingers of strong rum. Add rest of ingredients and then Fill the mug with boiling water, and stir well.

2. If used for a cold, wrap yourself in a warm wooly blanket, and consume as quickly as practical. Mix another, and take yourself, the drink and the blankie to bed. Consume the second one, and go to sleep....You WILL sleep.

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