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Groom's Tipple Stack Ale

Author/Submitted by:
Servings: 5
Categories: Alcoholic Beverages / Ale / Brewing

    5.50 lb M&F liquid malt extract
    0.67 lb British Crystal grain
    0.67 lb Table sugar
    Gypsum (as needed)
    Irish moss seaweed
    0.67 c Corn sugar (primer)
    0.75 oz Northern Brewer hops (60)
    0.50 oz Hallertauer hops (15)
    0.50 oz Tettnanger hops (15)
    0.50 oz Hallertauer hops (5)
    0.50 oz Tettnanger hops (5)
    0.50 oz Fuggle leaf hops (dry hop)

Steep crystal malt in 1 gal hot water until water begins to boil, remove all grains. Add 1 gal water and malt extract and bring to rolling boil, then hop as indicated above. Add Irish Moss 20 minutes prior to end of boil. At end of boil, add hot wort to sanitized fermenter containing 3 gals of very cold water. When temp falls below 75 degrees, pitch yeast. Ferment as usual. Dry hop no mor ethan 5 days prior to bottling. Prime with 2/3 cup corn sugar. Recipe By : Yankee Bre News From: Date:

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