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Honey Limeade

Author/Submitted by:
Servings: 6
Categories: Non-Alcoholic Beverages

    5.00 c Water
    1.00 c Lime juice(4-5 limes)
    0.67 c Sugar
    2.00 tb Honey
    Ice cubes

In a 2-quart pitcher combine water, lime juice sugar and honey. Stir to dissolve sugar. Serve over ice cubes. Makes 6 8-ounce servings. From Better Homes and Gardens. Recipes courtsey of AUNT SALLI'S CYBERKITCHEN (tm), always informative, entertaining and best of all, always FREE. SUBSCRIBE to HONN PRODUCTIONS, INC. 1995 ~~~ is moderated; only recipes and recipe requests are accepted for posting. Please read the "Posting Guidelines" article. Recipes/requests go to; questions/comments go to Please allow several days for your submission to appear. ~*- Newsflag: From: SALLI SCHWARTZ (HONN) <102003.3307@CompuServe.COM> Newsgroups: Subject: SACRAMENTO FRUIT BOWL Followup-To: Date: 31 Jul 1995 07:09:23 -0600 Organization: AUNT SALLI'S CYBERKITCHEN Lines: 41 Sender: Approved: Message-ID: <3veka6$6kk$> Reply-To: SALLI SCHWARTZ (HONN) <102003.3307@CompuServe.COM> NNTP-Posting-Host:

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