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Hot Buttered Cranberry Cider

Author/Submitted by: Joyce Rosencrans, Scripps Howard News Service (St. Pete Times, 11/3/94), Sue Woodward
Servings: 10
Categories: Non-Alcoholic Beverages


-----HONEY BUTTER-----
1/3  cup  Butter
1/3  cup  Mild honey
1  teaspoon  Ground ginger and cinnamon, mixed

48  ounces  Cranberry juice cocktail
1  quart  Cider
    Cinnamon sticks, optional

1. Prepare the honey/butter mixture by blending softened butter, honey, and spices. This may be done ahead and refrigerated. When ready to serve, combine cranberry juice cocktail and cider (add fresh lemon or orange juice, if desired). Bring to boiling or heat in a party percolator. Have butter mixture beside the pot.

2. To serve, put a small spoonful of honey/butter in each mug or heatproof punch cup. Fill with hot cranberry cider. Stir w/cinnamon stick, if desired. Yield - about 2 1/2 qts.

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