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Josh's Better Xingu

Author/Submitted by:
Servings: 54
Categories: Alcoholic Beverages / American / Brewing / Fruits

6 5/8  pounds  M&F Dark Extract
1  pound  Crystal Malt
1/2  pound  Chocolate Malt
1/4  pound  Black Patent Malt
1/4  pound  Roast Barley
1/2  pound  Lactose
2  ounces  Northern Brewer
    (Boiling only. No finishing Hops)
3/4  cup  Dextrose (priming)
    Wyeast 1028

Crack and steep specialty grains at 150 degrees for about an hour in 1/2 gal water. Sparge with 1.5 gallons of 165 degree water. Add the extract and gypsum. When boiling, add the hops. Boil for one hour. Add the lac- tose to the boil for the last 15 minutes. I've tried to duplicate Xingu, but reduce some of the roast barley bite. I think I've succeeded, though I haven't done a side by side comparison. I believe that Xingu is what's known in the UK as a milk stout, as I believe that lactose is used to add body and to very slightly sweeten the flavor. Original Gravity: 1.042 Final Gravity: 1.021 Primary Ferment: 3-7 days Secondary Ferment: 7-14 days.

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