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Servings: 1
Categories: Alcoholic Beverages / Vodka

    2.00 tb Caraway seeds
    1.50 ts Anise seeds
    1.00 ts Fennel seeds
    1.00 ts Angelica root (crushed)
    2.00 ea Cloves
    0.75 ts Cumin
    1.00 pn Pepper
    24.00 oz Vodka, 80 proof
    1.00 ts Glycerine
    1.00 c Sugar
    0.50 c Distilled water

1. Combine the seeds, seaasonings and vodka in a very large glass jar. : Put jar in a cool, dark place and allow to steep for 3 weeks. 2. Strain and filter mixture. Add glycerine. 3. In a VERY clean pan, boil the water. Add the sugar, stirring rapidly. : When the sugar is dissolved, remove from heat. Allow the syrup to : cool to room temp. 4. Add syrup to alcohol. Store in a tightly capped glass bottle. : This is better when aged 3 or more months. Source: unknown

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