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Lemonade Made in a Crock (Pat Stockett)

Author/Submitted by: Cooking from Quilt Country
Servings: 4
Categories: Non-Alcoholic Beverages

4  large  Lemons
3/4  cup  Sugar
1  quart  Water
    Ice cubes
    Fresh mint

1. Wash lemons well and cut into thin slices; remove seeds. Place the lemon slices in a sm crock or heavy pitcher. Cover with sugar and mix. Let stand for 10 minutes.

2. Press lemons firmly with a potato masher to extract the juice and oil from the rinds. Add the water, and continue to mash the fruit until the liquid is well flavored.

3. Just before serving, add ice cubes. Garnish with mint.

I removed most of the zest from the lemons and took the leaves from about four stalks of mint and crushed it with the lemons and sugar.

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