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Metheglin to My Madness

Author/Submitted by: John D. Gosselink/IA 72740,71
Servings: 1
Categories: Alcoholic Beverages / Brewing / Mead

5  Lb  Goldenrod Honey
1  Bag  Jasmine Tea
1/2  Tbsp  Ginger, Ground
1/2  Tsp  Allspice, Ground
1/2  Tsp  Cloves, Ground
1/2  Tsp  Nutmeg, Ground
2  Tsp  Cinnamon, Ground
1/2  Tsp  Irish Moss
1  Pkg  Epernay II Yeast

Add teabag to 1 gal water for 5 minutes. Add spices. When water reaches 170~ add honey stirring constantly. Skim scum as it forms. After 20 min. add Irish moss. Heat for total of 30 min. Sparge into primary for total of three gallons. When cool add yeast.

This got me a silver in the national AHA competition (Ouch! hurt my arm patting myself on the back :). ) When I do this again I will do a 5 gallon batch. The changes I would make are to double the honey(at least) and double the spices except the cinnamon. This mead was light in character with a rather complex spice aroma. It was a sparkling mead and reminded me of 7-UP when I poured it. If you do anything like this please keep me posted. I have 3 bottles left, but I would be willing to do an exchange (not necessarily simultaneously :). ) John

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