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Mom's Slushy Orangepineapple Punch

Author/Submitted by:
Servings: 27
Categories: Holidays / Non-Alcoholic Beverages / Punch Recipes

    2.00 qt Water
    2.00 cn Pineapple; crushed, 20oz ea
    . unsweetened, undrained
    3.00 c Granulated sugar
    3.00 Banana; ripe, mashed
    1.00 cn Frozen orange juice
    . concentrate, 12oz, thawed
    1.00 cn Frozen lemonade concentrate;
    . 6oz, thawed
    1.00 pk Orange-flavored soft drink
    . mix, unsweetened
    . 0.14oz
    1.00 qt Ginger ale; chilled
    1.00 Jar maraschino cherries;
    . drained, 10oz

In a 6-quart container, combine the first seven ingredients. Place the punch in a covered container and freeze. Remove the punch from the freezer 4 hours before serving to partially thaw. To serve, break into chunks. Add the ginger ale and cherries; stir until slushy. Makes about twenty-seven 6oz servings.

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