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Myan Coffee

Author/Submitted by: Cancun Mexico, Max H. Mitchell -
Servings: 4
Categories: Alcoholic Beverages / Anisette / Coffee / Ice Cream / Kahlua

1  quart  Coconut Ice Cream
6  ounces  Kahlua
12  ounces  Anisette
4  cups  Hot Coffee

This recipe is prepared using an alcohol burner. Heat 6 ounces Kahlua in small sauce pan until very hot, pour into a metal or silver pitcher, set aside. Pour small amount of Kahlua in shallow dish, put small amount of sugar in another dish. Heat 6 ounce glasses over alcohol burner until very warm. Turn glasses up side down and dip rim into Kahlua to coat the rim of the glasses, then dip the rims into sugar, and coat the rims with sugar. Heat over flame until sugar melts and crystallizes, (prepare two glasses at a time). Pour 2 ounces Anisette in each glass and heat over flame turning glasses to distribute the heat, pouring flaming Anisette from one glass to the other (this is mainly for show). Continue until Anisette is very warm. When Anisette is warm enough, add coffee and a scoop of Coconut ice cream to each glass. Place a glass in front of each guest. Flame the Kahlua, and while flaming, pour into glass, raising the glass to about 12 inches after you are sure of your aim. The lights in the dining room should be down as low as possible. It is really spectacular as the Kahlua creates a beautiful blue flame as it is poured flaming into each glass.

Cancun Mexico, 1984 - Tipped Matre'd $30.00 to have him show me how to make it.

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