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Orange Brandy

Author/Submitted by: GLORIOUS LIQUEURS
Servings: 1
Categories: Alcoholic Beverages / Brandy

    4.00 md Navel oranges
    1.00 md Lemon
    3.00 c Brandy*
    1.50 c Superfine sugar, Purchased
    Or homemade*
    8.00 dr Yellow food coloring, opt.
    1.00 dr Red food coloring, opt.
    1.00 ts Glycerine, opt.

Rinse and dry the oranges and the lemon. Use the shredding side of a cheese grater to scrape only the orange part off the oranges; be careful not to scrape off the white, bitter part. Scrape the peel off half the lemon the same way. Put the orange and lemon zests in a glass jar; add the brandy. Seal tightly and let steep for 3 days in a cool, shaded place, shaking the jar once a day. Strain the flavored brandy into a clean bowl; whisk in the sugar until it dissolves and the mixture clears. Stir in the optional colorings and glycerine. Pour the liquid into a clean glass bottle, or bottles, seal tightly, and allow to mature for at least a week before using. Store at room temperature. Note: To make superfine sugar, whirl 1 1/4 cups regular granulated sugar in a food processor or in two batches in a blender at highest speed, until fine but not powdered. This will yield 1 1/2 cups superfine sugar. A mixture of 2 cups brandy and 1 cup vodka may also be used. New Country Fare: Glorious Liqueurs Edited by Mary Aurea Morris ISBN: 0-9627403-1-4 Formatted by Carolyn Shaw 3-96.. From: Carolyn Shaw Date: 04-13-96 (22:59) Winquest Pc (312) Gourmet

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