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Orange Protestant Jell-o

Author/Submitted by: "C. Baden" <hazel@NETCOM.COM>
Servings: 1
Categories: Alcoholic Beverages / Triple Sec

1  Small Box  Orange Jell-O
1  Cup  Boiling Water
1/2  Cup  Cold Water
1/2  Cup  Triple Sec

Combine in the usual way. This makes an orange alcoholic Jell-O, of course; it's one of my basic combinations. You could use Grand Marnier, which is an orange brandy, if you wanted to... The Triple Sec I used is 42 proof; if your Gran Marnier clocks in much higher, then you'll want to change the proportions. (Or not do any driving.

My father used to say that if you're "supposed" to wear Green on St. Patrick's Day, then the Protestants should be wearing Orange. To that end, we have..

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