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Original Oatmeal Stout

Author/Submitted by:
Servings: 1
Categories: Alcoholic Beverages / Brewing / Stout

    6.63 lb John Bull dark extract
    1.50 lb Plain dark extract
    2.00 oz Bullion hops (boil)
    0.50 lb Steel cut oats
    7.00 g Muntona ale yeast
    Irish moss
    Water crystals

This is the first of a series of experiments in brewing oatmeal stouts. It is an extract brew, with any specialty grains (not in this particular recipe) being added in the standard stovetop method and removed at boil. When grains are used, they are cracked with a rolling pin and boiled for 30 minutes before straining. These recipes rank among my best beers. This one probably had the most noticeable oat flavor of all the variations due to the balance between the amount of malt and oats. It had a nice deep dark head, opaque color and smooth creamy flavor. I'd probably use an Irish liquid ale yeast or Whitbread if I did this again. Original Gravity: 1.042 Final Gravity: 1.021 Recipe By : Serving Size: From: Date: 05/30

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