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Ragtop Days

Author/Submitted by: The Net
Servings: 1
Categories: Alcoholic Beverages

    -See directions--

These are my Watermelon Shots I think I'll call em RAGTOP DAYS Get a really big slice of watermelon, remove the seeds. (enough to fill a blender a bout 1/3 the way.) triple shot of 151 rum (what the hell, turn the bottle over until you say, Hmm... that should be enough) two hand fulls of crushed ice. Juice of a lime or a shot of lime juice. Throw it all together in a blender and go for the max setting until its just a blur. Pour into a old mason jar and garnish with a one inch cube of watermelon. Drink while reclining in a hammock or with your feet dangling in the pool. Forget about cutting that grass.

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