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Romulan Mead

Author/Submitted by: John Gosselink
Servings: 1
Categories: Alcoholic Beverages / Brewing / Mead

5  Gal  Water (To Five Gallons)
10  Lbs  Honey
2  Bags  Jasmine Tea
3  Tsp  Yeast Nutrient
1  Tsp  Ginger, Ground
1  Tsp  Allspice, Ground
1  Tsp  Cloves, Ground
1  Tsp  Nutmeg, Ground
2  Tsp  Cinnamon, Ground
1/2  Tsp  Irish Moss
1  Pkg  K-1 Yeast
3/4  C  Corn Sugar (For Bottling)
60  Drops  Blue Food Coloring

Add teabag to water for 5 minutes. Add spices and nutrient. When water reaches 170 deg. turned off heat and added honey stirring constantly. Brought back up to 170. Skim scum as it forms. After 20 min. add Irish moss. Heat for total of 30 min. When cool add yeast. At bottling add corn sugar and food coloring.

Notes: 6/15/94--brewed must O.G.--1.075 F.G.--0.998 Alc. by vol.--10.11% 8/2/94--Bottled 50 12 oz. bottles Again no fizz. Mystified! I have had trouble getting my meads to carbonate. This mead starts out very rough because of the spices. As of 6/26/95 it is really beginning to integrate well. Beautiful sky blue color. Eva: If I try this I will add at least 12.5 lbs of light honey.

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