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Soda Fountain Ice Cream Sodas

Author/Submitted by: "Square Meals" by Jane and Michael Stern
Servings: 1
Categories: Chocolate / Ice Cream / Non-Alcoholic Beverages

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1. Traditionally, an ice cream soda is flavoring, charged water, ice cream, and possibly a nice dab of whipped cream. The technique is 1-2-3: put 2T of syrup or flavoring in the bottom of the largest glass you have. Add seltzer water, stirring as you pour, to within 2" of the lip of the glass. Add one large scoop of very firm ice cream, trying to get it to straddle the rim of the glass, yet still submerge in the seltzer enough to begin reacting with the bubbles to create a foamy head. If the ice cream is too deep in the flavored seltzer, the soda will overflow. If it doesn't touch the seltzer at all, you don't have a soda. With a little practice, you will reach a perfect balance. Top the soda with a hefty squirt of whipped cream.

2. Black-and-White: Chocolate syrup, seltzer, vanilla ice cream.

3. Bodacious Black-and-White: Chocolate syrup, seltzer, French vanilla ice cream.

4. Canary Island Special: Vanilla syrup, seltzer, chocolate ice cream.

5. Black Cow: Root beer afloat with vanilla ice cream, hold the whipped cream.

6. Brown Cow: Coca Cola, 1T chocolate syrup, and vanilla ice cream.

7. Strawberry Soda (In the Hay): 1/4c strawberry syrup, a splash of milk, seltzer, and vanilla or strawberry ice cream.

8. Hoboken: 1/2c pineapple syrup, a splash of milk, seltzer, and chocolate ice cream.

9. Boston Cooler: For the sophisticate. Dry ginger ale with a scoop of vanilla; no whipped cream.

10. Catawba Flip: An antique-tasting soda that dates back to the 1860's, made without whipped cream. The traditional flavoring is grape syrup, but Welch's Concentrate Grape Juice will do it. 1 scoop vanilla ice cream, 2oz grape juice, 1 egg, shaved ice, seltzer. Blend all but seltzer. Strain into tall glass then fill with seltzer.

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