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The Celtic Comrade

Author/Submitted by: Submitted by Tymme Laun []
Servings: 1
Categories: Alcoholic Beverages / Irish Cream / Kahlua / Liqueur / Vodka

1  ounce  Vodka (prefer. Ketel One)
1  ounce  Kahlua
1  ounce  Bailey's Irish Cream
1  ounce  Drambuie

Start with the making a Black Russian with the Vodka and Kaluha (the comrade part) and then slowly add some chilled Baileys. Add the Drambuie (it's Scottish) last pouring it over one of those bent, inverted spoons they use to make a black & tan. If you did this carefully, you will have a very attractive (and tasty) four layer drink.

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