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U-238 Punch

Author/Submitted by: Michael P. Orchekowski
Servings: 12
Categories: Alcoholic Beverages / Fruits / Punch Recipes / Rum / Vodka

1  quart  Rum
1  quart  Vodka
1  quart  Strawberry juice
1  quart  Orange juice
1  quart  Pineapple juice
1  pint  Fresh strawberries
1  pint  Orange wedges
1  pint  Pineapple chunks

1. Mix all ingredients well. Chill. Serve as you would punch.

2. MANDATORY! The vodka can also be substituted for your favorite booze, but rum is MANDATORY! The general rule of thumb for this recipe is: two quarts of booze (one of which MUST be rum), and three quarts of fruit juice including 1 pint of accompanying FRESH fruit (one of the fruits MUST be strawberries).

3. Personal Note: I "discovered" this one at the 1979 Milwaukee Summerfest. Two fellow audience members were passing this stuff around in a plastic milk jug several hours before Seals & Crofts were to go on. How come this stuff didn't eat through the jug is beyond me, but the drink (more of a "punch") is very tasty. I thank those two intrepid people for this recipe. - Michael P. Orchekowski.

This beverage's motto is: Hiroshima's favorite since '45. Guaranteed to bomb you into the next decade!

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