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Vin De Noix (Green Walnut Wine)

Author/Submitted by: Edible Gifts by Claire Clifton and Martina Nicolls
Servings: 1
Categories: Alcoholic Beverages / Brandy / Wine

40    Green walnuts with their shells, quartered
5  quarts  Red wine, strong
2  pounds  Sugar
1    Nutmeg, grated
1    Clove
1    Vanilla bean
1  quart  Brandy

1. Place the quartered walnuts in a large container. Add the wine, sugar, nutmeg, clove and vanilla bean. Cover the container tightly. Place in a dark room and let it rest for 50 days, shaking it a bit every 2 weeks. Then uncover, add the brandy and pass the mixture through a sieve. Pour into bottles, seal tightly and leave them for about 6 months in a dark, cool place.


This recipe was adapted from Cuisine of the Sun by Mireille Johnston. She says that the wine is prepared the first day of summer and is ready by Christmas and that unbruised green walnuts can be picked during June. from Edible Gifts by Claire Clifton and Martina Nicolls typed by Tiffany Hall-Graham

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