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Wine Coolers

Author/Submitted by: The Net
Servings: 1
Categories: Alcoholic Beverages / Wine

    Fruit punch
    Soda water

Buy some white wine that you like, such as Italian Sparkling wines. They are sweet and are already carbonated so you can make a stronger cooler by cutting back on the water. Find two or three fruits you like and squeeze out the juice. Add this juice to the wine and stir it up. Pour in to cooler or suitable container already full of ice. pour in the carbonated water and stir slowly. Garnish with chunks of fruit. Keep a lid on it to keep out the flies and keep in the carbonation. BTW a real sangaree combines wine, brandy and water. Try substituting a schnapps or brandy for the juice for a cooler with more kick. Pretty basic stuff but its classier than Bartles and Jaymes and you can make your own flavors like strawberry banana, watermelon lime and so on.

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