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The ABC's of Food

Collected, Edited, and Written by Louise Ulmer and Richard S. Calhoun with Contributing Food Experts

The ABC's of Food

THE ABC's OF FOOD book was written with middle grade and high school students in mind. It's a perfect book for home economics classes, cooking labs, schools with agricultural courses and all families with school age kids.

FOREWARNED! The book covers all aspects of food from abalone to zweibel kuchen. However, it's not just another boring reference book. The ABC's of Food is filled with fun-to-read food articles, fun tales, easy-to-make recipes, food festivals, food attractions and food activities.

A QUICK LOOK: Each section contains amazing stuff. Arranged in a dictionary format, each ingredient states were it might have originated, how to prepare it, and in most cases, the nutrition facts. Cooking terms, many from French cuisine, are defined. Pronunciation of unusual or little known foods and terms are also presented.


  • Following abalone is a true adventure story, "Hunting the Elusive Alaskan Abalone."
  • "Oh No! I Just Ate Tetrahydrofuran!" is a look at additives.
  • Ever see a library with a bookshelf 48-miles long? That's the American National Agriculture Library.
  • In Louisiana's Cajun country, you can hand feed alligators at Wildlife Gardens and sample alligator meat for breakfast.
  • There are activities, such as, "Eat like a NASA Astronaut at Home."

And that's just the "A" section.


  • "Dietary Guidelines for Kids"
  • "Eggs and Cholesterol"
  • "Make Your Next Vacation on a Farm"
  • "Kids in the Kitchen"
  • "Finicky Eaters"
  • "Safe Handling of Fruits and Vegetables"
  • "Should Kids Go on a Diet?"

About the Companion Books

Companion I - THE ABC's OF FOOD COOKBOOK takes a look at history and foods. A Short Step Back in Time begins with the Pilgrims and some early day recipes and continues with Good Food for Good Health, It's All About Vegetables (Did your know chocolate is a vegetable?), It is Sap from a Tree, and What are Curds and Whey. The cookbook presents an armchair trip across America with recipes from Bed and Breakfast Inns in Want Breakfast in Bed? America's Cookery looks at two regions, the Pennsylvania Dutch Country and the Cajun-Creole Connection. The book ends with International Cuisine including a recipe how to make Chinese Fortune Cookies. Click here to read Companion I.

Companion II - THE ABC's FOOD STORIES is all about food stories starting with Holidays and Other Special Events, and continues with the Kids Breakfast Club, Food Stories You will Enjoy (adventure and mysteries), It's all About Beverages, and ends with Take a Piece of Dough and Make Bread. Complete with page after page of fun-to-make recipes. Click here to read Companion II.

Companion III - THE ABC's OF FOOD PRESENTS AGRICULTURE AND COOKING OPPORTUNITIES starts with a look at Agriculture in the Classroom with a wealth of information. The next chapter takes a look at a variety of agriculture careers, such as agricultural aviation, animal behaviorists, chemists, engineers, florists, forest rangers, marine scientists and nutritionists to name a few. The book ends with a list of more than 70 cooking schools. Click here to read Companion III.

Companion IV - THE ABC's OF FOOD PRESENTS AGRICULTURE FAIRS, FESTIVALS, MUSEUMS AND TOURS presents many of the important agriculture exhibits are fairs, food festivals, agriculture exhibits at museums, and companies that have educational food tours. This book is a must for those that are considering entering any form in the agricultural industry. Click here to read Companion IV.