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The ABC's of Food: Reviews

Here's what people are saying about The ABC's of Food:

We very much enjoyed The ABC's of Food. We found it both delightful and comprehensive. It will be very useful to us as a reference tool.
- Betty Anne Redson, Manager, Nutrition Communications Materials, National Cattlemen's Beef Association.

The ABC's of Food encyclopedia is one of the most interesting and informative books I have. Most fascinating were the how and where foods, such as Hot Cross Buns, originated from. With the explanation of terms, such as Dry Water, I can now answer customer questions. I work in the food area of the largest retail chain in the world and I am asked about lots products. Now if I don't know the answer, I use my ABC's book! Also, reading about such down home wild foods as chinquapin (chinky-pins), hickory nuts, muscadine grapes, and pawpaws brought back childhood memories of following my daddy through the woods, looking for these, along with sassafras roots for the tea in the winter for better health. And if I got hungry while there, we ate veenie weenies (Vienna Sausage) with crackers. I wonder how many readers have some of the same fond memories.
- Linda Clark, Wal-Mart Bakery Manager, Farmington, AR

The ABC's of Food book is part-dictionary, part-anthology of articles about food, and part-classroom activity guide. The authors gathered information, stories and facts from more than a thousand sources, including chefs, food writers, food associations and government agencies. It's perfect for kids who are learning their way around the kitchen.
- Nancy J. Stohs, Food Editor, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

We have been having a good time reading The ABC's of Food and learning about little known facts.
- Barbara Berry, R.D., Vice President, Programs, Produce for Better Health Foundation.

Ulmer and Calhoun have presented a comprehensive food library that is sprinkled with stories and anecdotes that keep the reader at full attention. It is easy to read, concise yet useful by its brevity, and givers the reader what he is looking for. It has both utility and entertainment.
- Lad M. Moore, Jefferson, TX.

The California Superintendent of Schools has decreed that California schools should all have a garden so kids can learn about food and nutrition. The ABC's of Food will be a valuable tool for teachers and students.
- Renee Shepherd, Renee's Garden, Felton, CA.

It is a pleasure to read a food book with such vast information. With its tightly written entries, I can absorb knowledge while relaxing. I have worked with freshly prepared food and fresh produce all my life. With my past 30 years of experience in restaurant work and as a produce specialist, it is uplifting to keep learning from this book. The ABC's of Food has fascinated and challenged me to broaden my horizons. I highly recommend the book to any age group.
- Joan Harness, Wal-Mart Superstore Produce Specialist, Fayetteville, AR.

The ABC's of Food book is very interesting and contains a great amount of information in a brief format. It's very understandable why teachers are utilizing it.
- Janet Galloway, Agri-Education, Inc.

You are commended to include website addresses in The ABC's of Food.
- Bob Crawford, Commissioner, Florida Department of Agriculture.

The ABC's of Food is full of cool information, we have it on our research shelf, and I know we'll use it for future projects.
- Edith Garrett, President, International Fresh-cut Produce Association.

The ABC's of Food is exciting. We're sure students will find it interesting.
- Peggy Anderson, Cranberry Expo, Warrens, WI.

I think The ABC's of Food book is a great reference book for anyone who likes to cook. As I work on my own cookbook, I find myself looking up different foods in your book. The book does have a lot of entries. Schools with cooking classes should have the book. An elementary school near me rotates the book from class to class each week.
- Evalyn Neuhaus, Elgin, AZ.

The ABC's of Food is a good book. We will sell them in our Country Store.
- Burr Morse, The Morse Farm Sugar Works, Monteplier, VT.

The ABC's of Food: This comprehensive book is a compilation of food reference, stories, and other related food information. This great resource includes factual information and opinions on information related to food production and food use, from A to Z! The CFAITC's Resource Review Committee enjoyed the book and valued the information in it.
- Pamala Emery, Editor, 2002 Teacher Resource Guide, California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom.

Your ABC's of Food book is informative and educational.
- Jacqueline M. Feldman, New Jersey Department of Agriculture.

The ABC's of Food is a wonderful book.
- Donna Gavello, California Pistachio Commission.

The ABC's of Food is exciting. I'm sure students will find it interesting.
- Peggy Anderson, Cranberry Expo Ltd., Warrens, WI.

The ABC's of Food should be required reading for all school health/home economics classes.
- Chef Laurel Miller, Culinary Educator, Berkeley, CA.

The ABC's of Food is a wonderful addition to any teacher's or parent's library for learning that is both interesting and entertaining.
- Geraldine A. Brown, Education Coordinator, Billings Farm & Museum, Woodstock, VT.