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About the Authors

Richard S. Calhoun started cooking as a child when he made the perfect pie crust for his father who up to that time scooped out and ate only the filling and tossing the pie crust in the garbage. Richard continued to help his mother in the kitchen, learning the necessary skills. No, he never became a professional cook, but as he traveled he picked up recipes, all across the United States and south of the border to Brazil. On his retirement he gathered breakfast recipes and has more than 1,300 different breakfast recipes from around the world in his collection. He has taken 475 of his favorite recipes for his Breakfast Around the World cookbook. Richard is also well known for writing food and history articles for children and parenting publications. While searching the library looking for food reference books for kids, and when he found none, he approached Louise Ulmer with the idea for The ABC's of Food reference books.

Louise Ulmer began learning to cook as a teen from her Ozark grandmother and mother. Louise's interest in the vast variety of American foods grew out of living in several states. Her first illustrated quiz on regional food appeared in Country Living Magazine. Living in a family in which everyone likes to cook, Louise shared Richard's vision for a book that would make food an education in itself. Her writing began with children's books in the world popular Arch Book Series at Concordia. Recently she had been writing novels for middle grade readers. Her research into life in Shaker villages led to a novel, Winter Shaker. In her book, The Globster of Glassy Beach blends history and science fiction. This book was chosen as Best E-Book for Kids in 2000. Her romance novel, Serenade of the South, can be seen, along with the e-book version of The ABC's of Food, on the Internet at Louise passed away in October, 2006.