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Breakfast Around the World

Breakfast Around the World

Written by Richard S. Calhoun. Book cover design by Tammy Jacobson.

Featured on KCRA Channel Noon Recipes on 12/31/02:

What did you have for breakfast?
Was it a bowl of cereal and a glass of milk?
Or was it bacon, eggs, toast and a cup of coffee?
Are you bored with the same breakfast everyday?

If you are bored, this cookbook is just for you. You will visit 43 countries and experience what people in other nations enjoy for breakfast. You can make the 475 recipes with ease from ingredients available at your supermarket.

If there's no time to fix breakfast, many recipes can be prepared the night before and baked while you are dressing. Most of the recipes include nutrition facts, along with ideas to help you control calories, fat and sodium.

At first some of the recipes might sound a bit strange, since you will find ingredients not common at your current breakfast table. Once you give them a try, you will be pleased. Some of the so-called "strange ingredients" are based on available produce and meats. Hence, people eat what they have. The Late Clyde LeBlanc, author of The Good Earth Cookbook, says it best, "If that is what you got, you eat it."

Nutritionists claim: "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day." With this book you will not only make breakfast important, breakfast could be the most enjoyable meal of the day.