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Southern Baking Made Easy

Do you like cornbread? I have discovered a cornbread mix that is better than the dozen or so cornbread recipes I have made, plus countless times I had cornbread in restaurants. It is Honey Butter Cornbread Mix made by Calhoun Bend Mill. The baked cornbread is moist and melts in your mouth. When you make it, be sure to add 1/2 cup of creamed corn (hmm-mum!). Two other mixes are Cornbread and Muffin Mix and Mexican Cornbread Mix. You can also order their Stone Ground Yellow Cornmeal to be used in your own recipes.

The Calhoun Bend Mill company makes a variety of dessert and fry mixes. Each mix lets you make more than one recipe. For example their Peach Cobbler Mix makes delicious peach pancakes, great for breakfast or served for dessert. This mix is not just limited to peaches as almost any fruit can be used. My favorite is blueberry pancakes. This mix is also used to make a pudding cake with butterscotch chips and pecans. Several years ago the Peach Clobber Mix was the official cobbler mix at the Louisiana Peach Festival in Rustin. Watch out for your diet, this stuff is so delicious that you'll want to eat it all the time!

Their Apple Cinnamon Crisp Mix has recipes for a Dutch Apple Pie and Caramel Apple Cobbler, as well as a Sweet Potato Casserole. Another dessert mix is their Cherry-Oatmeal Crunch Mix that also makes a great Blackberry Cream Pie.

The company has a variety of pie recipes using their mixes. If you like pecan pie, but don't want to make time to make it, then you need their Pecan Pie Mix. All you do is add pecans, eggs, water and butter to the mix and pour into an unbaked pie shell and bake. The messing corn syrup has been reduced to solids, which makes this recipe so easy. If you prefer, replace the pecans with coconut or for a special taste treat replace the pecans with one cup of cooked rice.

In addition to their dessert mixes, they have two coating mixes. The Fish Fry and Seafood Coating Mix offers Southern style to not only fried seafood, chicken and cutlets, but to a variety of vegetables as well. And their Awesome Onion Coating Mix offers the same taste found in better restaurants. For great fajitas, coat thin strips of steak with this mix.

Their newest mix is the Mexican Style Sopapilla Mix. Sopapilla means soft pillows in Spanish. And when fried, this doughnut-type treat looks like a fluffy pillow. Top with a little cinnamon sugar and they melt in your mouth. This mix also can be used to make biscuits, pancakes and pie crust. Another special treat, are sopapillas filled with chocolate kisses.

For more recipes go to for 20 wonderful recipes and if that isn't enough their Taste Southern Goodness Cookbook has 289 recipes.

It all started in 1846 when Nathan Calhoun built the first gristmill in Monterrey, Louisiana. Today, grandson, Nathan Patrick Calhoun furthered his grand father's dreams by operating his own stone-ground mill, using corn from the family farm in Jonesville, Louisiana. Now Patrick and his brother, Jesse, ship a full line of dessert, cornbread and fry mixes nationwide.

For more information log on to their web site at or write to Calhoun Bend Mill, 3615 Fourth Street, Jonesville, LA 71343, or phone (800) 519-6455.