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Chocolate Chip Nougat Log

Author/Submitted by:
Servings: 1
Categories: Chocolate / Desserts

1  c  sugar
2/3  c  light corn syrup
2  T  water
1/4  c  egg whites(about 2 at room temp)
2  c  sugar
1 1/4  c  corn syrup
1/4  c  margarine melted
2  t  vanilla
2  c  chopped walnuts
    food color optional
1  c  mini chocolate chips

line jelly roll pan with foil,butter foil & set aside combine 1 c sugar,2/3 c corn syrup & water in a small saucepan.cook over med heat stirring constantlyuntil sugar dissolves continue cooking until syrup reaches 230f on candy thermometer start beating egg whites until stiff but not dry when syrup reaches soft ball stage 238f remove from heat.pour hot syrup in over beaten egg,beating constantly on high speed.continue 4-5 min or until very thick.cover & set aside combine 2 c sugar,1 1/4 c corn syrup in 2 qt saucepan.cook over med heat stirring constantly until sugar dissolves.cook without stirring to soft crach stage275f.pour hot syrup all at once over reserved egg mixture,blend w/wooden spoon.stir in melted margarine,vanilla& nuts,mix throughly & add food color pour into prepared pan.sprinkle w/ choc chips.let cool over form logs invert pan & remove foil.cut in 1/2 crosswise;roll jelly roll style.cut into 1/4" slices.Store well covered in cool dry place

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