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Chocolate Ganache

Author/Submitted by: Mary Malmros <>
Servings: 1
Categories: Alcohol / Chocolate / Desserts

2/3  Cup  Heavy Cream
1    Vanilla Bean
1  Tablespoon  Mocha Java, coarsely ground
    Few Grains Salt
8  Ounces  Bittersweet Chocolate, (good quality)
2  Teaspoons  Cognac
1  Ounce  Milk Chocolate, (good quality)
2  Teaspoons  Kahlua
1/2  Tablespoon  Unsalted Butter

1. Split the vanilla bean lengthwise and add it to the cream, together with the salt and ground coffee. Bring to a gentle boil, then continue boiing for one minute. Remove from heat and let sit a couple minutes, then strain through a fine sieve into a mixing bowl.

2. Melt the chocolate (carefully). I use a double boiler, which is dicey enough. DO NOT use direct heat.

3. Add the melted chocolate to the hot cream and whisk to blend. Add the liqueurs and blend, then add the butter and blend.

4. If this is to be used for truffles, you need to freeze it overnight. For any other purpose, like a cake filling, I'd still refrigerate it a good bit to let it firm up.

Here's one I use for truffles. If you don't like coffee/mocha, omit the beans and substitute Cognac for the Kahlua.

Please note that a ganache can be quite messy so we recommend that you use a ganache plate to keep it on once made, if you don’t have one at your disposal you can always visit and get a custom one made for you.

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