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Easter Bonnet Butter Cookies House Beautiful

Author/Submitted by:
Servings: 16
Categories: Cookies / Desserts / Holidays

1    Recipe butter cookie dough,
    -see Mother & Baby Rabbit
    -Butter Cookies
1/2  c  Confectioners' sugar
1/2  lb  Marzipan
1/2  c  Apricot jam, sieved, heated
    -and cooled
1    Recipe mock fondant, see
    -separate recipe
1    Recipe Royal Icing, see
    -separate recipe
    Paste or liquid food
    -coloring, available at
    -cake supply stores

Roll butter cookie dough on a floured surface 1/4-inch thick and cut out cookies with a 4 1/2-inch-round fluted cutter, Place dough on parchment-lined cookie sheets and bake in a preheated 350' oven for 10 to 15 minutes, rotating pans halfway through baking time. Cool cookies on wire racks. Makes about 16 cookies. Prepare crown of hat: Dust a board with confectioners' sugar and roll out marzipan Ih inch thick and cut out rounds with a 1 1/2-inch-round cookie cutter. Makes about 16 rounds. Assemble cookie: Brush cookie base with a thin coating ofapricotjam, attach marzipan crown to the center of the cookie and paint the crown with the jam. Set aside 1 hour. Pour mock fondant over crown and guide it along cookie base almost to the edge with the back of a small spoon. Leave overnight to set. All decorations are made with royal icing. In small bowls mix icing with paste or liquid colors ofyour choice and half-fill small pastry bags fitted with decorative tubes. Keep all filled pastry bags and bowls of icing covered with plastic wrap when not in use. Flowers are made with #78 decorative tip fitted to a small pastry bag. Pipe flowers onto waxed paper, dry, and store in airtight containers. Flowers can be made months in advance. Place hat on a turntable and, using a #47 tip, pipe ribbon around the crown and immediately attach flowers to ribbon. Pipe tiny green leaves using decorative tip #349 or #350. Fill centers of flowers and spaces between flowers and leaves with a #2 decorative tip. House Beautiful/April/94 Scanned & fixed by DP & GG Submitted By LAWRENCE KELLIE On 12-29-94 (0609)

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