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Fortune Cupcakes (with Surprise Messages Inside)

Author/Submitted by: THE DESSERT SHOW SHOW# DS3259
Servings: 12
Categories: Cupcakes / Desserts / Frostings


1  cup  Butter
1 1/2  cups  Honey
4    Eggs
2  cups  Sifted all purpose flour
2  teaspoons  Baking soda
1  teaspoon  Ground cinnamon
1  teaspoon  Ground ginger
1/2  teaspoon  Salt
1 1/3  cups  Sour cream

--Cream Cheese Frosting--
8  ounces  Cream cheese
2  tablespoons  Honey
1  teaspoon  Vanilla extract
    Food coloring, if desired
    Other non-food items for fortunes:
    Messages: Pieces of index cards or stiff paper
    Writing pens, small squares of foil, skinny ribbon

1. Cupcakes: preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mix together butter and honey in large bowl of electric mixer. Beat until smooth. Beat eggs lightly with fork and then beat into batter. Sift together flour, baking soda, cinnamon, ginger and salt. Add flour mixture and sour cream to batter. Adding a bit at a time. Beat well. Spoon batter into paper or foil lined muffin cups almost, but not quite full. Bake 25 minutes. Let cool before frosting.

2. Frosting: beat together cream cheese, honey and vanilla. Beat on high until smooth. Add food color if desired and beat until well blended.

3. To assemble, write secret messages very small on pieces of stiff paper. Wrap message in aluminum foil. Punch a small hole in the top of foil and tie on a piece of ribbon with a few inches left hanging. Frost tops of cupcakes. Punch a slit in top of cupcake and carefully push in message. Tie ribbon into bow. Just have guests pull on bow and out comes the secret message!

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