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Fried Mexican Ice Cream

Author/Submitted by:
Servings: 4
Categories: Desserts / Ice Cream/Frozen Yogurt / Snacks

1  pint  Ice cream-whatever you like
1/2  cup  Cornflakes, crushed
1  teaspoon  Ground cinnamon
    Whipped cream
2  teaspoons  Sugar
1  each  Egg
    Oil for frying

Scoop out 4 balls of ice cream. Return to freezer. Mix cornflake crumbs, cinnamon and sugar. Roll ice cream in half crumb mixture and freeze again. Beat egg and dip coated balls in egg, then roll again in crumbs. Freeze until ready to use. (for thicker coating, repeat dipping and rolling). when ready to serve, heat oil to 350F. Place 1 frozen ice cream ball in fryer basket or on perforated spoon and lower in oil for 1 minute. Drizzle with honey and whipped cream. Repeat for other ice cream balls and serve. /\/\ara Kent

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