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Frozen Dutch Apple Pie

Author/Submitted by:
Servings: 1
Categories: Desserts / Ice Cream/Frozen Yogurt / Pies & Pastries

1    9" Graham Cracker Crust
4  lg  Apples (Jonathan or
    -Golden Delicious)
1  c  Granulated White sugar
1/3  c  Brown sugar
1/3  c  Apple cider
1/4  c  Chopped black walnuts
2  tb  Orange Juice
1  tb  Lemon Juice
1  t  Cinnamon
1/4  ts  Nutmeg
1/8  ts  Ground ginger
  ds  Salt
2  tb  Butter
1/3  c  Bread Crumbs (unseasoned)
1  c  Whipping cream
    Whipping cream for topping
    -----LEMON SAUCE-----
1/3  c  Boiling water
1/3  c  Granulated white sugar
1  tb  Softened butter
1    Lemon, juice and grated rind
  pn  Salt
2  ts  Cornstarch
1/3  c  Milk
1    Egg, separated

Peel apples; cut into small chunks. Cook with sugars, cider just until tender or barely translucent. DON'T OVERCOOK. Add nuts, juices, spices, salt. Melt butter over low heat. Stir in bread crumbs just to brown. Remove from heat. Add to apple mixture. Chill. Beat cream until stiff. Fold into cooled apple mixture. Pour into crust. Feeze. Top with more whipped cream and drizzle with Lemon Sauce (below). Lemon Sauce: Bring first 5 ingredients to boil in stainless steel or enamel pan. Boil 1 minute. Blend cornstarch, milk, egg yolk. Stir into boiling mixture over low heat until thick. Remove from heat. Fold in stiffly beaten egg white. Makes 2 cups.

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