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Frozen Ho Ho Dessert

Author/Submitted by:
Servings: 20
Categories: Chocolate / Desserts / Frozen Desserts / Ice Cream/Frozen Yogurt

    --- -----------PATTI -
2  pk  HoHo cakes
2  qt  Ice cream, 1 qt each of 2
    different flavors, any
    you choose
13  oz  Cool Whip
16  oz  Oreo cookies, crushed
12  oz  Hot fudge sauce
    Chocolate shavings

Cut HoHo cakes in half lengthwise. Line sides, then bottom, of 9x13" baking pan with HoHos. Cover with one flavor of ice cream; spread crushed oreo cookies over ice cream. Freeze. Add second layer of ice cream. Freeze. Pour fudge sauce over this, then top with Cool Whip. Garnish with shaved chocolate. Freeze.

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