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Jello Cake

Author/Submitted by:
Servings: 24
Categories: Cakes / Desserts

1  package  Strawberry jello, 4-serving package
1  package  White cake mix, not yellow

1  envelope  Dream Whip mix
1  package  Instant vanilla pudding and pie filling, small
1 1/2  cups  Milk, cold
1  teaspoon  Vanilla

Dissolve jello in 3/4 c boiling water. Add 1/2c cold water and set aside at room temp. Mix and bake cake as directed in 9 x 13 pan. Cool 20-25 mins. Poke holes in cake with end of wooden spoon, about 1 1/2 inches apart. With cup, slowly pour jello mixture into holes. Refrigerate cake and prepare topping. In chilled bowl, blend whipped topping mix, pudding, cold milk and vanilla til stiff, 3-8 minutes. Immediately frost cake. Store in frig and serve chilled.

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