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Marquise Chocolate Mousse Cake

Author/Submitted by:
Servings: 1
Categories: Cakes / Chocolate / Desserts

    -----ROCHER CHOC LAYER-----
100  grams  Milk chocolate
100  grams  Praline
60  grams  Chopped almond
    -----CHOC SPONGE CAKE-----
4    Whites
120  grams  Sugar
4    Yolks
100  grams  Flour
20  grams  Cocoa
    -----MARQUISE MOUSSE-----
250  grams  Whipping cream
200  grams  Chocolate
50  grams  Bitter chocolate
50  grams  Butter
150  grams  Whipped cream
100  grams  Sugar
100  grams  Water
20  grams  Rum
    -----CHOCOLATE GLAZE-----
200  grams  Whipped cream
100  grams  Glucose
200  grams  Chocolate
50  grams  Bitter chocolate
30  grams  Butter

Get the ring of a springform cake or a cake ring and trace the pattern onto some wax paper. Melt the milk chocolate over a double boiler, add the praline (praline is hazlenuts ground with sugar) and the chopped almonds. Spread on the sheet of waxed paper and freeze. Whip the whites and sugar together as hard as they will go. Gently incorperate the yolks, and then incorperate the flour/cocoa mix. Spread or pipe batter onto sheets in shapes larger than the ring. Bake at 375-390 till they are done (tell by looking at them and feeling them). Chop the bitter chocolate and chocolate for the mousse. Boil the creme and pour it over the chocolate. Add the butter. Whip the cream to almost hard peak, and when the chocolate truffle has cooled, add the whipped cream and incorperate. Boil the sugar and water, add the alcohol. Cut rocher chocolate to fit into cake circle. Put the bottom layer of the cake on a flat surface. Put the circle over it and press down, so that the edges are cut off and the center is inside the circle with a good seal. Brush syrup on bottom layer. Put some mousse in and then put the layer of rocher chocolate in. Put another layer of mousse in. Brush top layer with syrup, and put it into the cake. Put cake in fridge for a hour or so. Remove the ring from the cake. Boil the cream/glucose and pour it over the chopped chocolate for the glaze (glucose is sort of like cooked sugar or very heavy corn syrup. I reduce some corn syrup and sugar till it's very thick but still liquidy when cooled). Add the butter to the glaze, mix, and pour over cake. Spread with a spatula to cover the entire cake. Decorate with piped chocolate truffle, white chocolate, or whatever you like. Posted on by (Bill Stuart)

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