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Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream - Low-Carb

Author/Submitted by:
Servings: 8
Categories: Chocolate / Desserts / Haven't Tried / Ice Cream/Frozen Yogurt / Low-Carb

1 1/2  cup  heavy cream
1  cup  half and half
1/2  cup  cold water
3/4  cup  Splenda granular, or 2 tsp liquid Splenda
1/8  teaspoon  salt
1  teaspoon  peppermint extract
1  teaspoon  green food coloring
1/4  cup  sugarless chocolate chips, see notes

1. Put cream, half and half, water, Spenda, salt, and peppermint extract in a bowl. Use mixer until Splenda is well mixed and dissolved. Carefully mix in green food color.

2. Pour into your rotating ice cream freezer andbegin mixing. (Most ice cream makers take 30-40 minutes to freeze properly.)

3. Five to seven minutes before completion, slowly pour chocolate chips into ice cream maker.

We usually use Darrel Lea sugarless Splenda-sweetened chocolate chips. If you use a broken sugarfree chocolate bar, or carob chips etc, adjust carbs as needed.

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