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Minty Mudslide Pie

Author/Submitted by: Tampa Bay Online, By "Lloyd A. Carver" <> on Jan 5, 1996
Servings: 8
Categories: Chocolate / Desserts / Pies & Pastries

2  cups  chocolate cookie crumbs
6  tablespoons  unsalted butter
21    creme de menthe thins
1/2  teaspoon  mint extract
2  pints  vanilla ice cream

Chocolate sauce
1/3  cup  semi-sweet chocolate morsels
1  tablespoon  butter
1/4  cup  boiling water
3/4  cup  sugar
3  tablespoons  corn syrup
1/2  teaspoon  vanilla or mint extract

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Place cookie crumbs in medium bowl. In the top of the double boiler, combine butter, mint thins and mint extract. Melt over hot, not boiling, water stirring until smooth. Pour over crumbs and mix until crumbs are evenly moist. Place crumb mixture in a 9-inch pie plate. Press mixture on bottom and up side of plate. Bake for 5 minutes or until firm. Cool to room temperature on wire rack. Remove ice cream from the paper carton by cutting the packaging seam. Slice into rounds 1/8-inch to 1/4-inch thick. Place in petal form on top of cooled pie crust mixture. Press down to remove air pockets and smooth surface. Return to freezer 4 to 6 hours. Slice pie and drizzle with chocolate sauce (see recipe). Makes 8 servings.

2. Chocolate Sauce: In a small, heavy-bottom saucepan, combine chocolate, butter and boiling water. Let sit 5 minutes. Whisk until smooth. Add sugar and syrup. Mix well. Place over medium-low heat and bring to a boil. Reduce heat to low. Boil 8 minutes without stirring. Remove from heat to heat-resistant bowls; add vanilla. Cool 15 minutes; stir. Makes 3/4 cup.

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