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My Vicorian Jewels (mini Fruitcakes)

Author/Submitted by:
Servings: 5
Categories: Cakes / Christmas / Desserts

1 1/2  c  Diced candied fruit
1/2  c  Each Raisins, golden raisins
1/2  c  Brandy - any flavor OR
1/2  c  Apple juice
3/4  c  Packed dark brown sugar
1/3  c  Butter or margarine
1    Egg
1  c  All-purpose flour
1/2  ts  Each baking soda, salt,
    Allspice and cinnamon
1/4  ts  Nutmeg
1  c  Chopped walnuts
    Candied cherries & walnuts
    For garnish
    Melted apple jelly for glaze

Marinate fruits and raisins in brandy or juice overnight. Cream sugar, butter and eggs. Sift dry ingredients together; stir in. Mix in nuts and marinated fruits. Spoon batter into 1 3/4-inch mini-muffin tins lined with baking cups. Fill 3/4 full. Top each with a cherry or walnut garnish. Bake at 300 degrees F. 30 minutes. Remove from tins; brush tops with brany or juice while warm. Cool; store in air tight container. Before serving, brush tops with jelly.

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