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Oil Cake (gliko Tapsiou Me Ladi)

Author/Submitted by:
Servings: 1
Categories: Cakes / Desserts

1 1/2  cups  Oil *
1 1/2  cups  Orange juice *
1 1/2  cups  Sugar
2  tablespoons  Brandy (or slightly more)
1  teaspoon  Baking soda
1  teaspoon  Cinnamon
1  teaspoon  Ground cloves
1/2  cup  Walnuts
1/2  cup  Raisins
600  grams  Flour
    A few sesame seeds
    A little oil

*[NOTE: Original recipe calls for "1-1/2 glasses of oil and 1-1/2 glasses of orange juice". No mention of what size glass, as is typical of Greek cookbooks.] Combine the oil, the orange juice and sugar. Dissolve the soda with the brandy and add it to the mixture also; add the cinnamon and the ground cloves. Then very gradually add the flour, stirring constantly. Finally, combine the walnuts and the raisins with the mixture. Coat a medium-sized baking tin to spread the mixture evenly. Sprinkle with sesame seeds and bake for 40-50 minutes. Cut to serve into oblong pieces. Sofia Souli, "The Greek Cookery Book", Posted by Karen Mintzias

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