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Pocket-of-Chocolate Cake

Author/Submitted by:
Servings: 0
Categories: Alcohol / Cakes / Chocolate / Desserts / Nuts

3/4  cup  sweetened condensed milk, (not evaporated)
3  ounces  cream cheese
1  cup  semisweet chocolate chips
1  cup  chopped nuts

4  ounces  German chocolate squares, or semisweet chocolate
2  tablespoons  water
2 2/3  cups  all-purpose flour, see directions
1 1/2  cups  sugar
2  teaspoons  baking powder
1/2  teaspoon  baking soda
1/2  teaspoon  salt
1  cup  sour cream
1/2  cup  butter or margarine, softened
1/3  cup  rum, or 1/3 cup water + 1 tsp rum flavoring
3    eggs

Preheat oven to 350 F (180 C) (use 325 F / 160 C if using a dark bundt pan). In heavy saucepan, over low heat, blend first 3 ingredients until chocolate chips melt (or melt in microwave). Stir in nuts. Cool 15 minutes. Using solid shortening or margarine (not oil), grease and flour 12-cup (2880 ml) bundt or tube pan (do this even if you're using a non-stick pan). In small saucepan, over low heat, melt chocolate in water (or melt in large mixing bowl in microwave). In large bowl, blend chocolate-water mixture and all remaining ingredients except filling. Beat 3 minutes at medium speed. Pour 3-4 cups (720-960 ml) batter into prepared pan. Spoon cooled filling over batter, without touching sides of pan. Cover with remaining batter. Bake 50 to 65 minutes or until top springs back when touched lightly in center. Cool upright in pan 15 minutes; turn onto serving plate. Cool completely. Refrigerate. (*) Self-rising flour is not recommended.

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