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Serves 100

Author/Submitted by:
Servings: 100
Categories: Equivalents / Information

2  gallons  Applesauce
3  gallons  String beans
2  gallons  Baked beans
24  pounds  Beets (cooked)
2  pounds  Butter
12    Loaves of bread (1 lb loaf)
10  pounds  Coleslaw cabbage
30  pounds  Carrots (cooked)
2  gallons  Peas
75  pounds  Fried chicken
35  pounds  Chicken a' la King
15  bn  Celery
1  pound  Coffee (for 100 cups)
6  pounds  Cranberries (raw) AND------, -6 lbs of sugar.
6  cups  Cocoa or hot chocolate
13  quarts  Ice-cream, bricks
14  quarts  Ice-cream, bulk
40  pounds  Ham/beef/pork/veal roast.
30  pounds  Meatballs
32  pounds  Hambuger
35  pounds  Pork chops
45  pounds  Baked ham
14  bn  Lettuce heads for salad
17  packages  Jello (3 1/2 oz packets)
6  pounds  Macaroni
1  gallon  Pickles
35  pounds  Raw potatoes (mashed)
4  gallons  Punch, (1/2c per person)
5  pounds  Rice
2  quarts  Salad dressing
3  pounds  Cube sugar
1/2  pound  Tea
65  pounds  Turkey roast
25  pounds  Weiners

These individual items will serve 100 people. So if you are entertaining hopes this helps out.

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