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Seven-minute Frosting

Author/Submitted by: VANTILBURG@LIB.IS.TCU.EDU
Servings: 1
Categories: Desserts / Frostings

1 1/2  Cups  Sugar
1/2  Cup  Water, *see note
1  Tablespoon  Light Corn Syrup
1  Teaspoon  Vanilla Extract
1/2  Teaspoon  Salt
2    Egg Whites, at room temp

*For crusty surface, use only 1/3 c. water In top of double boiler, with mixer at high speed, beat all ingredients until blended, about 1 min. Place top over rapidly boiling water; beat at high speed until soft peaks form (this may take more that 7 min.) Pour mixture into large bowl; beat at high speed until thick enough to spread. Yield: enough to fill and frost 2-layer cake or frost tube cake, 13" by 9" cake, or 2 dozen cupcakes (New Good Housekeeping Cookbook) MARSHMALLOW SEVEN-MINUTE FROSTING Beat frosting over boiling water as above. Add 1 c. miniature marshmallows (marshmallows will not dissolve). Pour frosting into large bowl and finish beating.

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