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Spinach Dip in a Bread Bowl

Author/Submitted by:
Servings: 15
Categories: Appetizers / Dips / Vegetables

2  cups  Sour cream
1  package  Ranch-style dressing mix
1  package  Spinach, frozen, chopped, drained
1/4  cup  Onion, chopped
3/4  teaspoon  Dried basil
1/2  teaspoon  Dried oregano
1  can  Waterchestnuts, canned, chopped
1    Sourdough bread, round

1. Thaw spinach. In a bowl, stir together all ingredients except for bread and veggies. Chill for at least 1 hour.

2. Cut a 1 - 1/2 inch slice off the top of the loaf; set aside. Hollow out the bottom part, leaving a thick shell. Cut or tear the slice from the top of the loaf and the bread from inside into bite-size pieces. Fill the shell with dip; set on a large platter. Arrange the bread pieces and vegetables around it and serve immediately. Yield: 10 to 15 servings.

Do NOT use the food processor to mix the dip. Best when made the night before.

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