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Stout Cake

Author/Submitted by: Women First magazine, 3/18/91, Shelley Rodgers
Servings: 10
Categories: Alcohol / Cakes / Desserts

3  cups  Flour
2 1/2  teaspoons  Baking soda
1  tablespoon  Salt
2 1/2  teaspoons  Cinnamon
1  tablespoon  Nutmeg
1/4  teaspoon  Ground cloves
1  cup  Vegetable oil
1  cup  Dark molasses
1  cup  Sugar
2    Eggs
1  cup  Stout or dark beet
    Confectioner's sugar

Heat oven to 350~. Butter and flour a 12-cup Bundt pan. Combine flour, soda, salt and spices. Beat oil, molasses, sugar and eggs until well-combined. Gradually beat in flour mixture. Beat in stout. Pour into prepared pan. Bake until cake pulls away from sides of pan, 40-45 minutes. Cool 10 minutes. remove from pan and cool completely. Dust with confectioner's sugar.

This dark spicy cake is reminiscent of gingerbread. Serve it with whipped cream if you like, but it has an excellent moist texture and robust flavor unadorned.

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