Who's Flora?

Several of you have asked who I am. Good question.

I started Flora's Hideout in December of 1995. I had just quit my job at Enterprise Rent-a-Car and had no idea what to do with myself other than wait for graduate school at Sac State to start in September. My husband suggested I learn HTML and a create a little Web page. Little did we know then that Flora's Hideout would grow into what it is today.

So who am I? Simply browse my hideout. I created pages based on my interests. Selfishly put, I created Flora's Hideout for me. Yes, that's right. Shocking, isn't it? I wasn't writing for anyone else, but wanted to create a central area that entertained me. Amazingly enough, there are others who enjoy the same interests so as the Internet grew, so did my hideout. People wrote to me and said how much they loved my recipe page so I added more recipes. Bookworms browsed my links to literary classics in Flora's Library. Rush fans surfed my music page. During all this, I taught myself JavaScript, frames, graphic design, and loads of other advanced HTML skills.

During the summer of 1998, I registered my domain name and www.floras-hideout.com was born. I also left my technical writing job at the CHP and began working for InfoPros. They placed me at Intel in February, 1999, where I worked on technical writing and Web development projects. In February 2000, I left InfoPros to be a senior technical writer at Realty Plus Online (which was later bought out by First American Corporation) where I was the lead writer for a product called CloseYourDeal.com. I can now say that I experienced the dot-com frenzy! But enough of that. As of May 2001, I became a Learning Products engineer (aka "technical writer") for Hewlett-Packard in the storage division. I eventually moved up and became a documentation program manager for HPE OneView at HPE.

As of August 2019, I'm doing a major cleanup of this site. This is the year I'm getting my mojo back! Right now Flora's Hideout looks a bit empty (sadness) as I shoved most of the (relic) pages to the Basement, but the focus will be more on food and cooking than everything under the sun and then some. Stay tuned!

For the record, Flora's Hideout is not a corporation or a business. I'm also not an expert chef. I just happen to enjoy baking desserts and I try to round out my meals with some healthy foods every once in a while.

Thanks for visiting my page and I hope to see you again!


Last updated on August 18, 2019.

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